Monday, January 25, 2010

Study Break for Food Girl

I need a study break. You read that right...this little lady is going back to school. Well OK I certainly hope I'll be heading back to school some time in the near future. Right now I am concentrating on studying for the GMAT and frankly there is only so much I can take before I need a little break. I trick myself into studying longer with mental promises of little treats and you know what? It works. I convinced myself I could study just a wee bit longer for 2 squares of a Vosges Barcelona bar.

Why am I going back to school? Good question. Someday (ideally in the next few years) I'd like to have my own doughnut shop. I'm not giving away too much information here because things are really in the initial stages but let's just say its sort of a Hot Doug's meets Voodoo Doughnuts. I also don't want to share all my fabulous ideas and then be left high and dry. Needless to say the idea is fun. It's sassy and of course there will be tasty treats.

Speaking of tasty treats, I have been meaning to write about my holiday visit to Cleveland's beloved West Side Market. I hadn't been there since I was in grade school, and being the Chow Hound that I am (technically I am not a foodie as there are many delicious items I will enjoy, not just haute, Michelin star cuisine) I have been wanting to make a pilgrimage there again.

I got the chance to do so over my Winter Break and I was not let down! There is only so many fruits and veggies a girl can buy on a short trip to visit the parents but it was a true site for anyone who enjoys food. My friends in Cleveland I urge you to visit the Market at least once before preparing a good meal and I assure you that you won't be disappointed! If you're looking for a good (and cheap) meal to boot check out the West Side Market Cafe. I had a really fresh fish sandwich with a Great Lakes Brewery beer.