Saturday, October 2, 2010

Feasting on Food Films

I was overjoyed to learn about the 1st Annual Chicago Food Film Festival. Doesn't it just sound fantastic? For a food fiend and someone who really enjoys movies this seemed like a dream come true. See short food-based independent films and then sample some of the foods featured in those films. Why didn't someone bring this concept to Chicago sooner?

I was so excited for this event that I bought tickets for both nights, why not right? Get into the festival early, enjoy a wide variety of food and then settle in for the next few hours to watch some wonderful food and beverage related films.

Enjoying some fried food with my guest Erin
Friday night brought fried food delights like corn dogs, fried pickles and cheese curds in honor of a short "Eat Your Fill" about one crazy guy's mission to eat everything at the state fair that's on a stick or fried. Great idea. I should have made that movie myself (see blog posting from last summer when I almost did!) Other dishes from the first night included oysters, pie from my favorite Hoosier Mama Pie, pumpkin ice cream, deep fried oreos and some locally made sodas. There were 7 films all of which were very entertaining. They were short enough that they kept my attention which was good. I loved two of the protagonists - Mr. Okra (a New Orleans man who sells fresh produce from his truck) and John Nese (soda pop enthusiast and owner of LA's Galco's Soda Pop Store)....both were lovable and passionate about their chosen line of work. 

The Festival was held at the MCA Warehouse
Saturday was more focused. Beer and burgers. I was stuffed after just two delicious, juicy mini DMK burgers. I was sad to only see 15 minutes of "Hamburger America" but inspired that yes, there were a lot of places across this great nation that I still have yet to visit....and er, eat my way to. "Beer Wars" was fascinating. After watching the 90 minute documentary I had a new outlook on microbrews versus the behemoths (it is appalling just how much market share Anheuser Busch dominates so aggressively that they will push smaller breweries that are no competition to them out of the way).

All in all this was an educational and enjoyable two-day festival. It happened to coincide with the Chicago Gourmet Food Festival. In the future it would be wonderful to create a food-centric Chicago weekend. Attendees could visit Chicago Gourmet during the day and then relax a bit before heading to the Food Film Festival. Here is a trailer of some of the movies shown at the festival. Looking forward to seeing many more next year!