Saturday, March 26, 2011

Cheesy Goodness

Like so many other Chicagoans I am ready for spring. I've had enough of the bitter cold wind, and with no warm weather respite this year, I'm in desperate need of anything that reminds me of sunshine. This morning I went to Chicago's Green City Market, one of my favorite warm weather activities. Sadly the market is still indoors for another few weeks, but seeing all the fresh produce was a reminder that spring is around the corner. There were hosts of other people competing for space to peruse the canned goods, fresh baked treats, greenhouse grown sprouts and tubers. It's still too early for morels (I'm already drooling just thinking about them) but it's not too early for morel and onion cheese!

Brunkow Cheese is a favorite of mine. Made in Darlington, Wisconsin the dairy farmers have been making quality cheese since 1899. I went to school in Wisconsin and am a cheese lover. It is one of my favorite snacks at home and a delicious end to a meal out (when in France I didn't limit myself to just 3 or 4 cheeses, I wanted to taste ALL of the offerings!) Brunkow makes the most unbelievable raw milk cheddar spread. The raw milk cheddar is aged over 100 days and contains no preservatives. It's creamy and lends itself well for spreading on apple slices (my fave) or whole wheat crackers (Wasa). Sometimes (yes, I'll admit this) I dip my finger in because it's just that good (hey - it's not like I'm sharing with anyone!) If you can't get to the Green City Market, Brunkow Cheese is also sold in Chicago area Whole Foods.