Friday, September 11, 2009

What's a girl to do about fried food?

It's been a few weeks...I know and I apologize. What in the world have I been so busy doing you ask? I had been oh so diligent about posting at least once a week and then Wham. Nothing. You missed me you say? Oh that is really sweet. Well, I was busy eating of course and yes, that does take up more time than you would think (OK, I confess I wasn't just eating, but may also have been busy at work, entertaining my folks, traveling home to OH and running a bit too...but there was a lot of eating in between!)

So the good news is that in my absence I had some wonderfully delicious food stories I've been meaning to share. Most important is my visit last weekend to the Geauga County Fair back home in the great state of Ohio. This is one of the biggest county fairs in the state with all sorts of fun rides (sadly adults can not go in the bouncy castle) and of course foods. I don't think its possible to eat anything healthy at a fair so instead I turned my attentions to the fried fair delights. Surprisingly there were many. Who would have guessed that you could snack on a fried pickle, get some fried veggies, a corn dog, french fries, a fried twinkie, candy bar and of course a fried Oreo.

You'd probably guess that broccoli would be the healthiest possible thing you could eat fried. I had it and let me tell you there's a pound of grease and once you're taking that little green giant for a dip in a vat of ranch dressing there is nothing healthy about it. Tasty? Yes. Healthy? Not so much.

I think these were some pretty interesting fried options but I'm sure there are others out there! What sort of fried foods have you seen/tried? I do admit that I shared (yes, shared ladies & gentlemen I did NOT eat it all myself) a deep-fried Snickers once. Ooh it was so sinfully tasty. There's even a place in Geneva, OH that has deep-fried foot long hot dogs. I admit I've had one of those too. bad but such a good guilty pleasure!


  1. yum - guilty pleasure is right! love the photos

  2. I think my arteries got clogged up by just reading this blog. But still very tastey! I think you should open up a restaurant/eatery that serves just deep fried foods. I'll leave it up to you to come up with the clever name.

  3. deep friend pickles! were there a bunch of pregnant ladies in line for those?

  4. I did miss your postings! I just remember that fried twinkie I had in chicago with you and that was yummy. I bet I would have liked the snickers fried too:)