Thursday, April 28, 2011

French Gourmet on the Go

It's probably no surprise that I love Whole Foods. Lately I would even dare to say obsessed. It's bad because it's obviously a wee bit more expensive, but it's probably a bonus because I tend to eat healthier when I shop there. It's a visual parade of products, colors and scents. What's not to like? On those days when it's not all that busy (that's a rarity) I can peruse the aisles for new goodies. It's here I discovered St. Dalfour's Gourmet on the Go tins.

I have to admit it was the adorable packaging that first got me. The compact tins come complete with it's own sporky utensil, salt, pepper and even a little sauce. There are no preservatives either which is a nice change of pace from most packaged foods. I think these would be ideal for travel but I enjoyed eating them at work...they just felt kind of fancy. Sadly I can't always find them at my Whole Foods, so if you see them stock up!

Flavors include:
  • Couscous - veggies & beans
  • Tuna & pasta
  • Whole Grains & beans
  • Salmon & veggies (comes with a really nice honey)
  • Pasta & veggies
  • Three beans & sweet corn

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  1. mmmm, you're making me hungry! time for lunch?