Sunday, February 12, 2012

Me & Mr. Puck

Wolfgang Puck was nice enough to take a photo with me
I always eat well when I visit LA. I eat too well perhaps. I research where I want to go and all the activities I want to be sure and squeeze into my all too short visit with the BF. My last visit was no exception with stops at breakfast hot spots (yes, the kind where you have to wait in line for an hour and everyone in said line gives the other patrons the once over), supremely fresh sushi, stops for sweet treats (a post-run sundae at Sweet Rose Creamery and one of the airy baked doughnuts from Fonuts), and of course a visit to the local farmer's market. After so much eating out (yes, there was luckily some running in there as well - one even being along the ocean in Santa Monica) one of my favorite activities is to relax and walk around one of LA's many year-round farmer's markets. This is a treat we're not able to support each and every weekend of the year in Chicago. I gaze at the produce. I sample the juicy oranges and inquire after varietals of fruits and vegetables I'm not as familiar with. It's a fun outing for me. So imagine my surprise when I see celebrity Chef Wolfgang Puck at the local farmer's market! He was definitely shopping for his own personal use and I was surprised that no one was bothering him. He graciously took a picture with this Food Girl, and I have to say it was the ideal way to end yet another food-filled LA weekend visit.
My decadent hot fudge sundae - Brentwood's Sweet Rose Creamery


  1. That sundae looks divine. You should move to L.A. just for that!

  2. OMy! that looks so tasty with the chocolate overflowing down the side! Such an exciting and fun visit!