Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Horrifically Unhealthy Chicago Food Faves

When you're visiting Chicago you must have a piece of deep dish pizza. It's almost a crime not too because this is the food (along with Chicago style hot dogs) that is so often identified with the city.

Wiener Circle. My favorite hot dog in the city is probably calorie laden but it's a treat.
Imagine my surprise as I'm eating my breakfast yesterday and the local NBC news cast starts listing off the horrific nutritional details of this treat. 800 + calories in one slice?! 48 grams of fat?! I almost fell off my chair remembering maybe not so fondly, the times I've enjoyed not one or two slices, but sometimes THREE slices. It's just that good that it's hard to resist.

How can you resist this popcorn goodness? (courtesy of the Chicago Reader)
Who doesn't love Garretts Chicago Popcorn Mix? There is something so sinfully delicious in the mix of caramel sweetness and day-glow orange cheddar. One cup packs 400 calories and 36 grams of fat! Yikes.

I don't know about you, but I'm going for a run.

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