Sunday, September 23, 2012

Wine Tasting in Temecula

We all know that California features some of the very best wine in the country. On a recent trip to LA I discovered that southern California has some wonderful vineyards and views that could rival that of its Northern compatriots.

Temecula has a rich history in the wine industry with many successful vineyards establishing themselves in the early 19th century. The region is stunning offering a backdrop of mountains amongst the vines and green valleys.

Old Town Temecula feels like something out of a Western movie. The main street has a host of unique boutiques, specialty foodie stores (there's one for gourmet olive oil and another for root beers from all over the country) and restaurants. There is an incredible farmer's market on Saturdays with an impressive array of fresh fruits, veggie, smoothies, prepared foods and treats.

Of course you'll want to do some wine tasting on your visit to Temecula. There are a wide variety of options with some 40 wineries to visit in the region, but I loved Ponte Winery. The views here were especially stunning and you can't argue with 8 pours (your choice of wine) accompanied by addictively good pita crisps.

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  1. Where do I sign-up? 8 pours sounds like my kind of place:)