Thursday, July 30, 2009

Going all "natural"

I love going to the farmer's market but this year between training for the marathon, work and stuff in general I just haven't seemed to go as often as I would like to. Wednesday I was able to visit Chicago's Green City Market. I am always amazed just how much the market has grown in recent years as the popularity of sustainable, local food sources has grown. It used to be a handful of us on Wednesday mornings sipping our Intelligenstia coffee and doing some light shopping. The Market today is now a bustling metropolis of stores compared with the little market that could just a few years back. It is very exciting to feel the energy and be part of something that is so special to the city of Chicago.

On my shopping trip I bought some beautiful mini sweet yellow tomatoes, peaches, basil (for the pesto of course), cilantro and chives. I had such fabulous intentions for my creations with my bounty from the market, which I have to say if half the fun of the visit. The peaches are so ripe I had to eat them over my wastebasket at work for fear of decorating myself with the juices. Day 2 I cut them (much cleaner eating) and paired them with low fat brie from Trader Joe's and walnuts for lunch. Simple. Delicious. The pint of tomatoes had a sign next to them that said "like candy". Who can resist tomatoes that are supposedly as sweet as candy? Believe it or not they were. These little yellow bits were sweet with a bit of a peppery finish. On Day 1 I cut them into a "salad" with my herbs (just snipping them in with kitchen scissors is way easier than bothering to use a knife) and my fancy tuna in olive oil (Genova Tonno) and Day 2 I sliced them on top of my bagel and veggie cream cheese. This market trip was a "fruitful" one for me and I am already planning my shopping list for next week.

Also on the "natural" front, I was in the mood for ice cream this evening. I do love making my own ice cream and I probably should have just bought the milk and cream I needed to whip up the special treat at home for my own 100% natural experience. But no. I was lured by the new All-Natural line of Haagen-Dazs containing just 5 ingredients. What can I say...I'm influenced by advertising and I was intrigued. I ponied up my $3 and decided on the Brown Sugar flavor. I thought the flavor would be natural and light, but instead the brown sugar was cloying sweet. The texture was smooth and lovely but really I could only enjoy a few bites. Even now my palate is left with a not so pleasant after taste. Will I try it again. Definitely (its in my freezer now after all) but next time I'll add a small cookie to cut the sweetness a bit. If there's a sale going on with ice cream at your grocery though I say "go for it". Please let me know if you try any of the other flavors too...I'm curious about the mint and the vanilla too!


  1. Want to come make meals for me? You think of such fun things to eat :)

  2. I second that! Have you thought of being a personal chef???:)