Monday, July 18, 2011

Diners, Harleys & Burgers

A juicy burger with swiss & mushrooms!
Harley-Davidson motorcycles. Authentic diners. You might not think the two go hand in hand, but in Bedford, Ohio they most certainly do.

I remember visiting the Harley Diner, a historic 1946 dining car located inside (yes, you read that correctly) a Harley dealer when I was a young lass. My Dad is a diner aficionado and as a family we sought out diners near and far. This little gem was practically in our backyard so we visited it with some frequency. The dining car resembles an original train car, an earlier structure than its more "modern" stainless steel offspring. There are 4 booths and a handful of seats at the counter. The interior has beautifully restored wood. There is something special about sitting in a booth, and watching the guys grill up your burger and it doesn't hurt that the food is pretty tasty.
#1 Diner fan - my Dad

Even stranger than having a diner in a Harley dealership, was the addition of a boutique that sold (almost exclusively) Betsey Johnson clothes in the 90s. I loved this place and maybe that's why I always wanted to visit the diner, because I knew I'd probably be coming home with a funky new item for my wardrobe. Sadly the boutique has since closed to be replaced by Harley gear galore, but I'm happy to report the food was much as I remembered it and sharing the lunch with my Dad was all part of the experience.


  1. Can't believe there was a Betsy Johnson boutique in the Harley Dealership. By the way, your dad looks ecstatic to be a part of the Adventures with Food Girl blog.

  2. Strange but true...that's where my love of Betsy Johnson's clothes began!