Monday, August 15, 2011

Doughnut Day!!

Fried cake and baked chocolate cake doughnuts
For those who don't know, there was a time I'd toyed with the idea of opening up my own doughnut shop. I had dreams of some retro kitschy place that would cater to families and professionals during the day, and be open late on weekends for those rowdy folks looking to satiate their appetite after a long night of drinking. Now don't be too disappointed, this might still happen someday, but I haven't been moving forward with the idea with any sense of urgency.

I did recently invite some of my cooking ladies (friends who are equally as enticed with cooking/baking as I am) for a special doughnut day. Mind you my kitchen isn't huge, but we did have a great time making 4 different types of doughnuts and stinking up my place with the smell of hot oil (oh yea, that's why I don't frequently practicing my doughnutry skills!)

I need a vent if I'm going to be frying any more...the fumes were TOXIC!

If you're interested in attending Doughnut Day, let me know. Maybe I'll try to organize a second get together at a later date!