Sunday, August 14, 2011

Making My Own Chipotle Fave

Robyn's Own Burrito Bowl
I was exhausted last night and craving Chipotle, but too tired to walk to get it (I'm back in marathon training mode and had completed my 15 mile run). Instead I decided, why not just make my own burrito bowl? I popped on over to Jewel to pick up some staples (yes, the grocery is closer than Chipotle) and made my very own uber tasty burrito bowl!

  • Brown rice - way healthier than white rice. I used Trader Joe's frozen brown rice which takes all of 3 minutes to microwave.
  • Black beans. Rinse 'em and they're ready to go.
  • Shredded lettuce. I took an entire heart of romaine and just did a chiffonade cut to make it look pretty.
  • Corn. I had the most amazing sweet corn from a Green City Market visit earlier this week. I just sliced the kernels off the cob and sauteed them in a bit of olive oil. I admit they were pretty tasty raw (I sampled a few kernels). You could also use Trader Joe's roasted corn kernels, which are also in the frozen food aisle.
  • Cherry tomatoes.
  • Shredded fat free cheddar (still tastes just as good as the full fat stuff).
  • Avocado - need the good fat!
  • Beef. I opted to purchase No Name frozen steaks and was amazed at the 3 frozen filets I purchased for $7.99. I took the one filet and cooked it at 500 degrees on the broiler for 10 minutes on each side and it was pretty darn good!
  • Salsa - I didn't add any, but I realized after I started eating my dinner that I had the fancy Frontera Grill salsa in my fridge.
Here is is mixed a bit more - doesn't it look like a Chipotle burrito bowl?!
This was probably one of the most satisfying dinners I'd made for myself in some time and I highly recommend trying it at home!


  1. This is something I could even make! I would also like to get some credit, for leading you to the burrito bowl last night.

  2. Yes, you deserve the credit for my inspiration - thank you!

  3. healthy and fresher too I bet! good eats - I also heard about your fish bar on LI - yummy!

  4. you want to become my personal chef:)?