Friday, October 21, 2011

This Little Robyn Flew Her Coop at The Aviary

Very dark. Strong truffle drink & divine bites
 The Aviary
953-955 W Fulton St
(Cocktail lounge from the creative genius of Chef Grant Achatz)

WOW. How can you not be blown away at The Aviary?

I was delighted to get a reservation confirmation just hours after I submitted a table request and upon arriving at The Aviary (note the entrance is on Morgan, not Fulton) was greeted by a genial doorman and welcomed into the folds of the mysterious lounge. I was impressed how well executed everything turned out to be (though I'm not sure I should have been surprised) from arriving at the hostess desk, to the waitress taking orders on her iPhone, to the seamless removal of plates and the calling of a taxi after drinks. Excellent service is thriving!

Though I enjoyed my cocktail from the a la carte menu (a pricey $28 black truffle concoction) I was really impressed by the bites. These one bite treats were decadent and sumptuous. Typing this I'm basically drooling thinking about the exquisite three bites I enjoyed -  foie gras, summer squash and duck. Unbelievable. Forget the drinks - I'd come back for the bites alone! Speaking of drinks...the a la carte options were all inventive and good, but I was having some serious cocktail envy when I saw the elaborate and creative concoctions being served on the 7 course tasting menu. All I could think was "hmm, maybe I too should be spending $125 for cocktails! I need that experience!"

This Food Girl will have to wait for the tasting cocktail menu (I've got to save up some drinking funds), but I will be back!


  1. Grant A. is the chef with the new book out about his battle with tongue cancer and running a top restaurant. I am up for going to the Aviary...are there birds?

  2. Sounds decadent and chic! Glad you enjoyed it!

  3. Man, this place makes Velvet Tango Room sound cheap and like a deal!