Thursday, May 10, 2012

Celebrating the BIG NEWS

 I can't believe it's already May - there is so much blogging to be catching up on and oh so much that has happened these past two weeks.
Yeah for birthday celebrations!
The last week of April included some whirlwind travels for me - just the way I like it! I was in Ohio celebrating my Grandmother’s 90th birthday (or her “milestone birthday” she didn’t want people to say just how old she was!), my Dad’s birthday and finally my birthday. There was as always a lot of eating out and celebrating with family who traveled from all over.

Celebrating my birthday with my Grandma
I was home in Chicago for all of a day before I headed out to visit the BF in LA. Anywhere I wanted to go he obliged saying “this weekend is all about you.” I knew something was up, but I let him keep telling me that as we ventured to Apple Pan for burgers, SK Doughnuts (twice!), a taping of the Jimmy Kimmel Live show, out for the MOST amazing tacos at farmers market fusion hot spot Komida, a hilarious comedy show at Upright Citizens Brigade and brunch at Hugo’s for the famous Pasta Mama.

Balance Bowl at Cafe Vida - brown rice, spinach, eggs, chicken, tomatoes & guac!
Korean bibimbap at BibiGo (courtesy of TastingTable)

Apple Pan Burger (courtesy of
SK Doughnuts - AMAZING (courtesy of

Pasta Mama - yes, eggs & pasta for breakfast (courtesy of
All that eating required some serious stair climbing in Santa Monica - what a workout!
Let’s just say I did not go hungry on my LA trip. That Saturday I selected a brunch spot; we visited a farmer’s market and packed a picnic for Malibu Wines. We enjoyed our picnic, drank some good local wine and people watched. We then headed to the very swanky Geoffrey’s along the gorgeous Malibu coast line. The meal was good, but really the scenery was better. Shortly after dinner Jon proposed! I don’t think I do the description of his proposal justice as there were definitely some comedic elements involved, so please read his blog about how the proposal happened here.

With my Handsome Man Jonno at Malibu Wines

Geoffrey's of Malibu - site of our pre-proposal dinner (courtesy of Swell City Guide)
It was a truly memorable weekend! I look forward to many more LA travels and an eventual move to the City of Angels. If you have any LA must visit locations, please do let me know!


  1. I love getting this broader picture of all the fun goings on!

  2. Yes! And you can "see" what we ate too :)

  3. Oh my gosh all the food looks so good, can't wait to visit all the hot spots with you!
    Congrats on your engagement!!!

  4. Thank you :) Lots of good food ahead!

  5. Congrats on a new delicious chapter getting ready to start! You kicked it off in style!